March 8 Women's Day|Michele Lee Donates 3,800 Rapid Testing Kits and 5,000 Masks to Fight the COVID-19 in Hong Kong

As the fifth wave of the COVID-19 epidemic continues to be severe in Hong Kong, many actors have donated supplies to help the community. On the occasion of Women's Day, Michele Lee announced on her social media platform that she has donated 3,800 rapid testing kits and 5,000 medical masks to public.


She said, "On Women's Day, I would like to send a small token of appreciation to donate 3800 ALLTEST antigen rapid testing kits which approved by Hong Kong Department of Health and 5000 medical masks.”


Michele Lee, beauty and kindness, said on her social media platform that at a time when the epidemic is severe, many women also have to take care of their elder families and young children at home, and the pressure is beyond imagination. I hope that we should pay more attention to our physical as well as mental health while balancing work and family. Do more to make yourself happy, as having strong mental capital is good for your physical and mental health. We are confident that with a lot of help we can cope with the COVID-19 epidemic and work together as one to get through this extraordinary time!