Successful Exhibition - Medical Fair Singapore 2022


Medical Fair Singapore Expo is the first-ever PHYGITAL format, attracting over three hundred manufacturers from around the world. This Wonderful Medical Expo in Singapore attracted over 14,000 International visitors from 70 countries & regions, 1050 exhibitors from 62 countries & regions. In addition, the exhibition has successfully helped manufacturers to complete more than 16,600 business meeting requests.


The show organizers will provide an ideal platform for the healthcare and medical industry to connect, network, conduct business and share best practices.


Hangzhou AllTest Biotech Co., Ltd. displayed plenty High-Q rapid test reagents and medical instruments for IVD use.


Through this exhibition, we not only showcased our wide range of products, but also gained a lot of interest from our visitors, as well as having face-to-face in-depth studies and discussions with exhibitors from the same industry.


Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and consulted business, all of you will enjoy our most sincere service. As a well-known brand in the IVD industry, the needs of our sponsor are our top mission. Hangzhou AllTest Biotech Co., Ltd.R&D team will continue to push the envelope, combining customer needs with market trends to develop the latest and hottest rapid test products.


This month, we will soon launch Monkey-pox test reagents, we are looking forward to your enquiry! Moreover, in the next few months, Hangzhou AllTest Biotech Co., Ltd. will be attending exhibitions in Thailand and Germany, and we hope to meet you all with our new products!