MEDICA 2022-Successful



This November, the Hangzhou AllTest Biotech Co., Ltd team arrived in Germany with new rapid diagnostic equipment and comprehensive COVID-19 rapid testing solutions to participate in MEDICA, the world's largest and most influential event for the professional medical industry.


At the world's most influential industry platform, Hangzhou AllTest Biotech Co., Ltd demonstrated its brand strength once again, exchanged ideas with global partners, discussed future industry trends and plans, and sparked many new inspirations and collaborations.


MEDICA is a world-renowned comprehensive medical exhibition, recognized as the world's largest hospital and medical equipment exhibition, with its irreplaceable scale and influence ranked first in the world's medical trade shows. MEDICA is regularly held in Düsseldorf, Germany every year, showcasing a variety of products and services in the entire field from outpatient treatment to inpatient treatment, exhibiting products including medical equipment and supplies of all MEDICA is held annually in Düsseldorf, Germany, and showcases a wide range of products and services from outpatient care to inpatient care.


With the new rapid test product line and self-developed Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer, Urine Analyzer, LF Reader Plus 300+, DOA Cup Reader, Hangzhou AllTest Biotech Co., Ltd had in-depth communication with distributors, experts and scholars from all over the world. Our showroom was full of people and our team enjoyed the uninterrupted receptions and conferences during the event. The enthusiastic and professional attitude of our staff and the product testing experience were well received by our partners and exhibitors.



The atmosphere of the exhibition site is very lively, there are many advanced medical equipment and technological concepts.


We understand that users who are interested in rapid test products are usually more receptive to innovative technology and pay attention to the user experience and quality of service. Hangzhou AllTest Biotech Co., Ltd will continue to expand its overseas service strength while ensuring excellent product quality, and respond to the various needs of partners and customers at the terminal in a timely manner. We will do our best to give our partners the best serving experience.


As a high-tech medical device company, Hangzhou AllTest Biotech Co., Ltd' s R&D team always try to innovate and break through the limit. Thanks to the joint efforts of all employees at Hangzhou AllTest Biotech Co., Ltd many new products have been quickly put into the market.  Hangzhou AllTest Biotech Co., Ltd has always enjoyed a high reputation in the field of in vitro diagnostics.


Hangzhou AllTest Biotech Co., Ltd will persist in innovation and development in the POCT industry and will further accelerate the expansion of overseas canals and the strengthening of team cohesion.. We will continue to work in foreign markets to make high-precision rapid testing products the primary means of screening for major diseases. For all human health's sake.


Unconsciously, the show is coming to an end, and everyone is still immerse in happiness not yet. And has begun to look forward to the early arrival of today in the coming year.


See you all in 2023!