AllTest 2020 Orientation Party and the 5th Anniversary Celebration

“We are great in the first five years and we will be better in the next five years”.

Hangzhou AllTest Biotech Co., Ltd ( hereinafter: “AllTest”).

"New Journey, Creating the Future" annual party and the fifth anniversary celebration event were successfully held at the Wyndham Hangzhou East at 5:00 pm on January 20, 2020.

Mr.Gao made the speech for the New Year.

Looking back, we are fruitful and Enthusiastic
From now, we are full of confidence and passion
Looking to the future, we are vibrant and have fight in one
Believe in tenacious hard work
Believe in the future and value the future

Awards ceremony

There is such a group of people, they have no rhetoric; they have no great achievements;
But they tell us by action what ownership is;
They work hard but don't consider gains and losses;
They confirmed the philosophy that gold will shine everywhere.
The following colleagues were selected as the 2019 outstanding employees, excellent team leaders, outstanding newcomers, innovation awards, service stars and sales stars.

AllTest appreciates you contribution in the five years.

Five years has shown the value of persistence, love for the career, and recognition of the company, allowing them to conglomerate.

AllTest colleagues also prepared wonderful shows for the party.

Today we are gathering together to enjoy the New Year;
Today, we own the happiness of success.
Thank you to the present of leaders and guests, thank you colleagues for your close cooperation, and thank all the cast members for their hard work.
Along with the warm singing, AllTest 2020 Orientation Party and the 5th Anniversary Celebration have a perfect curtain call.
Wish you all happy New Year!
A good health!
A harmonious family!
All the best!
See you next year!